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Blessed are the Hungry - by Michael Phillips
Elisha the Prophet - Part 9 of 17
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2 Kings 4:38-44
Feb 20, 2005 am - For the last couple of months we have been studying the life of Elisha, and seeing how, in him, the Lord was at work saving the world. Thus far, I've told one story each week, and tried to open its meaning-both to the people who lived way back then, and to us. Today, however, we'll take up two stories-partly because they're short, but mostly, because they teach the same thing. The thing is easy to believe when things are going well for you, but when they're not, it's the hardest lesson you'll ever learn. We'll get to that presently, but for now, the stories. THE STORIES There once was a prophet in Israel whose name was Elisha. One day he and his servant came to Gilgal to meet with young men who were training for the ministry. Because there was a famine at that time, food was not easy to come by, but they hustled up enough for a pot of watery soup. If this doesn't sound very filling to you, it didn't to them either. So one of them found a gourd, sliced it up, and added it to the soup. It made the soup a lot heartier, but that's not all it did. It also made the soup poisonous! With one bite, the young men cried out, O man of God, there is death in this pot! And so there was. All of ... More >>>

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