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The Widow's God - by Michael Phillips
Elisha the Prophet - Part 7 of 17
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2 Kings 4:1-7
Feb 06, 2005 am - THE STORY There once was a woman in Israel whose name we don't know. Her husband was a prophet whose name we don't know. They had two sons, and we don't know their names either. When the boys were still young, the man died, leaving his family with no means of support and deeply in debt. When they could not pay their debts, the creditor foreclosed on their property. No, I don't mean their house or their furniture or their livestock, but on the only thing they had that was worth anything: the children. The boys would be sold into slavery until the payments were made. If this sounds heartless, it was, and maybe worse than it sounds. If the collector was a good man, the debts could be worked off in a maximum of seven years. But most collectors were not good men, and most of the people sold into slavery never got out of it. This was against the Law of God, of course, but these were hard times for the Law of God. Facing the loss of her sons, the dear woman cried out to Elisha for help. The prophet had known her husband and respected his piety. Now, could he help his friend's widow, and save the children of a lifetime of bondage? Elisha does not inquire as to the cause of their debts or ... More >>>

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