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War with Moab - by Michael Phillips
Elisha the Prophet - Part 6 of 17
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2 Kings 3:1-27
Jan 23, 2005 am - THE STORY There once was a king in Israel whose name was Ahab. He was a bad man, but a good soldier, and under his leadership, Israel conquered the Moabites and assessed a heavy tax on them. Every year, they paid 100,000 ewe lambs to Israel, along with the wool of another 100,000 rams. When Ahab died, the Moabites quit paying. This made the new king, Jehoram, plenty mad, and he raised an army against Moab, in fact, three armies: his own, and the armies of Edom and Judah. Sitting in council, the kings hit on a 'brilliant' plan that would guarantee victory and keep their losses to a minimum. Instead of meeting the Moabites head-on, they would sneak around the back way and catch them by surprise. The Moabites felt safe on that side because of a desert which no army had ever crossed. But that's what the men of Israel, Edom, and Judah would do: cross the desert and take Moab without firing a shot. Seven days into the plan, however, they found out what was wrong with it. The desert had not been crossed because it was a desert and that means it had no water and that means men and animals could not cross it! Still miles from the border of Moab, the armies were stalled. The king of Israel ... More >>>

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