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Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment 5 - by Michael Phillips
Excellency of Contentment - Part 5 of 8
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Genesis 33:9
Apr 14, 2004 pm - The verse that begins my talk this evening is a curious one. The speaker is Esau, whom God calls a fornicator and profane person. A few chapters before, we find the man despising his birthright and plotting the death of his brother. If Esau had had his way, not only would Jacob be murdered but the whole human race would be dead, for Jacob's great grandson is our Lord Jesus Christ! Esau was a bad man-rotten through and through. Yet even the worst men have their moments of grace. And this is Esau's day to shine. His brother has cheated him of his birthright and his blessing. But now, Jacob is a rich man, leading a large family back to where he came from. On his way there, he hears the worst news possible-Your brother Esau is coming and four hundred men are with him! The men are not farmers or shepherds; they're soldiers-or maybe raiders is the right word. They are men who make their living by plunder. This means they're armed, dangerous, and looking for an easy target. Worst of all, their captain has been nursing a grudge for twenty years. When the brothers finally meet, Jacob offers a gift, hoping to buy him off. But Esau doesn't want it. This terrifies Jacob because he thinks it ... More >>>

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