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Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment 4 - by Michael Phillips
Excellency of Contentment - Part 4 of 8
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Hebrews 13:5
Mar 31, 2004 pm - The Seventeenth Century was the noisiest hundred years in the history of England. The people who have always prided themselves on moderation and muddle, were-at the time--immoderate and ferociously clear-cut in what they wanted. The nation was divided into three parties: the Cavaliers who backed the King, the Church of England, and the status quo; and the Roundheads who supported Parliament, the Puritans, and change, and the Radicals who favored either no government at all or the direct rule of Jesus Christ (without human kings, judges, lawmakers, and so on). To put it mildly, the English Christians of that century were not content with what they! Nearly all of them wanted something more, something less, or something different. But in that loud and confusing time, a single voice was raised in protest. It was from Jeremiah Burroughs whose best-known book was published in 1648. The title tells you what's it's about. It is The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment. The theme is just that: Believers in Christ ought to be content with what we have and that contentment would adorn us more beautifully than the most precious diamond. What the Proverb says of a good wife, we can say of ... More >>>

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