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Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment 3 - by Michael Phillips
Excellency of Contentment - Part 3 of 8
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James 5:11
Mar 24, 2004 pm - A couple of weeks ago, we began to study The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment. It's a book published in 1648 by the Puritan minister, Jeremiah Burroughs. He chose the title carefully: Christian contentment is a jewel because it is precious and beautiful; it's rare because there's not much of it in the world. Think of all the Christians you've known in your life. How many seem satisfied with what God has given them? When was the last time a man told you how happy he is at work? How thankful he is for the job the Lord has given him, the money he makes, and the boss he answers to? It's been a while, hasn't it? Yet, every day you hear people complaining about their rotten jobs, their low pay, and I'm way too polite to repeat what they call their bosses! The same is true of their families and churches and homes and neighbors and pretty much everything else. An example I find especially worrisome is the general unhappiness people feel about their weight. We could send missionaries to Pluto on the money Christians spend every day on diet books! In short, most people are not content with what they have. And many of them are believers in Christ! I don't fault the unsaved for being ... More >>>

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