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Excellency of Contentment 1 - by Michael Phillips
Excellency of Contentment - Part 1 of 8
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1 Timothy 6:6
Mar 10, 2004 pm - Jeremiah Burroughs was a Puritan pastor who lived from 1599 to 1646. This was not a happy and peaceful time in England, and many Puritans suffered greatly under the hateful and persecuting Archbishop, William Laud. For many believers, it was a time for action; extreme measures were called for, and they were ready to implement them. But as the voices got louder and more hysterical, Jeremiah Burroughs sat quietly in his study and wrote a book, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment. Every word in the title was chosen carefully: Contentment is rare because very few have it-and not just the ungodly. How many believers can you name who seem truly, deeply, and permanently content? I can only think of one. Contentment is a Jewel because it is both beautiful and precious. Today, a woman who puts up with a bad husband and loves him anyway is called a doormat-or something a lot worse than that! But Peter says her meek and quiet spirit is an incorruptible beauty and in the sight of God, very precious. Contentment is Christian because it has nothing in common with the fatalism of Islam, the indifference of Buddhism, or the pride of the Stoics. Christian contentment does not pretend ... More >>>

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