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The Heavenly Court - by Michael Phillips
Scenes in Job - Part 1
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Job 1:1-12
Jan 06, 2019 am - Most of my friends think I'm an optimist. Most of my family think I'm a pessimist. Most of the time, I think I'm a realist. A realistic view of life is built on two Bible doctrines: Creation and Fall. In the beginning, the heavens and the earth were created by a good God who created every part good, and the whole of them very good. This is why the sun rises every morning, on the good and evil alike. It's why the rain falls of most parts of the earth, causing food to grow on farms, cattle to graze on ranches, and every one of us to have cool draughts of water on hot days when nothing in the world tastes better. The Psalmist spoke for every mindful person- The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord. This goodness is seen, even in places where you'd least expect it. The most beautiful flowering vine I've ever seen was growing over (and almost covering up) a garbage dumpster! Is there anything more charming than the innocent laughter of children, laughter not at the expense of other people, not cynical, not sarcastic? You'll hear plenty of pediatric hospitals, from sick, even dying children. Paul knew the pagans had their share of joy, and traced every drop of it to the ... More >>>

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