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The Word Incarnate - by Michael Phillips
Advent 2018 - Part 4
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John 1:9-14
Dec 23, 2018 am - Way back in about 1968, I first saw the bumper sticker- Keep Christ in Christmas. I agreed with it at the time, and now, fifty years later, I still do. If Jesus is 'The Reason for the Season', He has to be the central figure in our holiday celebration. I suppose this has always been hard to do, but never has it been harder than now. We are between the hammer and the anvil of advertising and political correctness. The first tells us that Christmas is about one thing: Shopping! The other says that anyone who makes it about Christ is intolerant and hateful. These are real challenges, and as the people of God, we need to think and pray our way through them. We need to confess our faith in public and live our lives as though we meant it. December is the best time to do this-I believe-because if hard-hearted people ever soften up to the Gospel-even a smidgen-it is this time of year; it is this week. Will you join me in praying for opportunities to speak up for Christ today, tomorrow, Tuesday? And when God gives them to you, will you take them? Will you make this pledge to God? Not to me, but to the Lord who was- Conceived by the Holy Spirit, Born of the Virgin Mary. Who, for our ...

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