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Spiritual Conversation - by Michael Phillips
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Ephesians 4:29
Dec 02, 2018 pm - The subject of Ephesians 4 is Sanctification, that is, changing from what we used to be to what we're supposed to be. Back in Chapter 2, Paul tells us the change is complete and instantaneous. One moment, we are dead in trespasses and sins; the next we are made alive in Christ. Paul received this doctrine from the Lord Himself, and it was powerfully confirmed in his own experience, on The Road to Damascus. On that day, theologians would say, Paul experienced 'Definitive Sanctification'. It was a one-time, decisive, irreversible act of God, taking him out of Adam and putting him into Christ. This was true for Paul, and for all Christians, because, to be without a New Birth is to be no Christian at all- You must be born again. But this decisive sanctifying work of God is just the beginning of our Sanctification, not the end of it. The end is the Resurrection of the Body, which occurs on the Last Day, but we haven't reached that day as of yet. And so, we're in the middle; we're in that time 'between the ages' of Promise and Fulfillment. This means, we're in the time of spiritual growth or daily change. What's being changed in us? In one sense, it is everything, the whole person. But ... More >>>

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