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Two Ways - by Michael Phillips
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Romans 10:1-13
Nov 25, 2018 am - Here's something you didn't expect me to say: There are two ways of salvation. By 'two ways of salvation', I don't mean 'two sources of salvation'. For the only wise God is our Savior, Jude says, and in saying it, he is but echoing the uniform witness of the prophets who said things like- Salvation belongs to the Lord Salvation is of the Lord. There is one source of salvation-and only one: The God of Abraham Isaac, and Jacob, who is also The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. To this first clarification, let me now add a second: By 'two ways of salvation' I don't mean two different kinds of salvation. Certainly the Bible speaks of more than one kind of salvation. When it says the judges 'saved' Israel, for example, it doesn't mean they 'forgave their sins, reconciled them to God' and so on; it just means Gideon or Samson or somebody 'saved them from the Midianites, the Edomites, or some other earthly oppressor. But I'm using the word, 'salvation' in the fuller sense. There are two ways of obtaining Eternal Life, or-if you prefer--of 'making it to Heaven'. THE TWO WAYS Paul tells us what the two ways are, here in the first paragraph of Romans 10. In v.5, referring the Law, he ... More >>>

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