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What to do on Thursday - by Michael Phillips
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Psalm 136
Nov 18, 2018 am - (1) cooking, (2) eating, (3) overeating, (4) watching football, (5) taking a nap, and (6) wondering why nobody stayed to help you clean up the mess! These are the things we typically do on Thanksgiving Day--and, except for the last one--I highly recommend them all! But in doing all these typical Thanksgiving things, don't not forget to do what's not so typical: and that is, Give Thanks! I hope you give thanks to the Lord on Thursday, and I hope you do it publicly, privately, sincerely, repeatedly, and contagiously--and that everything you otherwise do, say, or feel, will spring from a heart of gratitude. Of course, you ought to be thankful every day of the year, but why not make this day--Thanksgiving Day--the day you're most thankful to the Lord? So, if you have to forget the cranberry sauce or fail to make enough pumpkin pies, don't forget to be thankful and don't fail to give thanks! Some parts of God's will are sometimes hard to fathom, but this one is not, I Thessalonians 5:18--In every thing give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Today's Old Testament Lesson is a Thanksgiving Psalm. It was sung in public on the Feast Days of Israel, and it was sung ...

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