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Gripped By Grace - by Michael Phillips
1 John - Part 18
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1 John 5:18-20
Oct 14, 2018 am - Here's a story of the Marriage of Good Theology and Bad Manners. A couple of generations ago, Arthur W. Pink was greeted by a neighbor in the customary British way: Mr. Pink, How are you keeping? To which he replied: I am not keeping; I'm being kept! On hearing such an exchange, it's no wonder Mr. Pink was such an unpopular man, why his last years were lived out in near total isolation. The man was a jerk! But, if his manners were bad, his theology was good. We Christians do not keep ourselves; we are kept. Peter says, we are- Kept by the power of God. Our Lord said we're in the hands of God the Father and that- No one can pluck us out of His hands. In one of the Bible's most stirring affirmations of faith, Paul says nothing-absolutely nothing-can separate us from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus, our Lord. Pink was rude, but right: We don't keep ourselves. We are kept. But some verses, including the last verse of 1 John, seem to say otherwise. In v,21, the Apostle says- Keep yourselves from idols. And even more emphatically, Jude 24 says- Keep yourselves in the love of God. It seems Mr. Pink wasn't so right after all. But it just seems that way, because we only keep ... More >>>

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