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The Obedient Know God - by Michael Phillips
1 John - Part 4
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1 John 2:3-6
May 20, 2018 am - Because of their explosive tempers, James and John were nicknamed, Boanerges or 'the sons of thunder'. It was Jesus who gave them the nickname, and why not? That's what they were! We don't know how often they flared up, but when they did, it was a doozy! In Samaria, for example, they were so angry that no one invited them in for dinner, that they wanted God to burn the whole city to the ground! They were hot-headed men; quick to take offense; and none too gentle in their response to it. The young James and John were Sons of Thunder. By the time John wrote his Epistles, his brother was long dead and he was himself very old. The years, I'm sure, had tamped down the vehemence of his temper, but they had not turned him into a sweet old man. He still had an edge, and no one can read his Epistles without feeling how razor sharp it still was. Thankfully, he wasn't still trying to call fire out of Heaven to burn up the enemies of Christ. But he was still calling a thing what it was. The heretics may have been the nicest guys in the world, but John knew what they really were: they were cancers on the Body of Christ, and if left in peace they would soon kill the Church. So, he did not leave ... More >>>

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