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Annihilationism (Part 1) - by Michael Phillips
Doctrine of Hell - Part 5
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2 Thessalonians 1:1-10
Sep 30, 2018 pm - This afternoon brings us to the fifth part in our study of the terrible-but true-Doctrine of Hell. No decent person gloats over the reality of Hell, but we need to believe and preach it because our Lord Jesus Christ told us to. And He knows best. For Christians, the doctrine of Hell is designed to fill us with relief and joy. Because, while we deserve Eternal Damnation as much as anyone else, we have been delivered from it by the Sacrifice of Christ in our place. In a word, we don't go to Hell when we die because He went to Hell when He died-on the Cross. For us. For unbelievers, the doctrine of Hell is meant to get them off the Broad Path that leads to Destruction and onto the Narrow Way that leads to Life. Fear may not be the highest motive for fleeing the Wrath to Come, but it is a motive, and we ought to use it as such. Many Christians will bear witness to the fact that 'the fear of Hell' got them into Christ more than what we might think of as higher or purer motives. That was my own experience. When I was converted as a boy, to be honest, I didn't feel all that guilty and my heart wasn't bursting with love for Christ. But I didn't want to go to Hell, and I knew that unless I ... More >>>

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