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Universalism - by Michael Phillips
Doctrine of Hell - Part 4
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Luke 13:22-30
Sep 23, 2018 pm - Today we return to our painful study of the Doctrine of Hell. I call it 'painful' because every decent person is horrified by the prospect that some people go to Hell when they die-and not one of them ever gets out! The accusation that Christians who believe in Hell somehow get a 'kick' out people going there is a false accusation! I cannot imagine any Christian feeling this way, and if one does, I can only wonder if you're a Christian at all! No one believed in Hell more firmly than our Lord Jesus Christ, and He wept over the prospect of people ending up there-and not only wept-but provided a Way Out for anyone and everyone who would take it! We can fully talk about, but we cannot feel the Majesty of what Christ has done for us in- Delivering us from so great a death. Up to now, we have looked with some care at the Witness of the Bible to the Doctrine of Hell. The teachings of the Old Testament (which we found somewhat hazy), of the Epistles (which are much clearer), and, especially, of Christ, who brought it into sharp focus. We must never forget, therefore, that the most Hellfire-and-Brimstone Preacher is not the Red-Faced, Bible-Thumping, Screaming Baptist Evangelist, but.our ... More >>>

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