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Perfect Love - by Michael Phillips
1 John - Part 14
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1 John 4:17-21
Sep 09, 2018 am - Did Peter have a nickname in the Early Church? Did Paul? James, Matthew of Philip? Nobody knows if they did or not, but we do know that John had one, and what a wonderful nickname it was. He was- The Apostle of Love. Who named him? We don't know that, either, but we do know why he got it. John was called the Apostle of Love because Jesus had a special love for him, a love even greater than what he felt for the other disciples. People have speculated on why He felt this way about John, perhaps because he was the youngest of the Twelve, an almost a son-like figure to Christ. This may be it, but, once again, we don't know. We do know the other reason he came by this name, however. It's because John emphasized love more than the other Apostles. They all preached the same message, of course, but every preacher focuses on some things more than others. What John focused on most was: Love! God's love for us; our love for God; and our love for one another. These three loves-like Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-are One. They can be distinguished, but they cannot be separated! John has touched on this several times already in his First Epistle, and nowhere more clearly than in today's New ... More >>>

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