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The Coming of Antichrist - by Michael Phillips
1 John - Part 7
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1 John 2:18-27
Jun 17, 2018 am - Because I don't want to encourage lying, I won't ask for a show of hands, but.How many of you know that the word, 'Antichrist' does not appear in the books of Daniel or Revelation, and that, where it is does appear, it does not mean a political figure of any kind and cannot mean what we would call an 'End Time Figure'? These are not my opinions, colored by my theological commitments, but mere statements of fact. The word appears five times in John's first two Epistles, and refers to people already alive and working mischief in the churches near the end of the First Century. Is Antichrist an End Time Figure? Yes, he is, but the End times are not still future to us, or even future to John, but began with the First Coming of Christ and end with His Second Advent, which could be this afternoon or in a million years. We don't know when the Last Days will end, but we know that-until they do-the Antichrist will be working overtime to see they go his way. They won't go his way-but not for any lack of effort on his part. The Rule of God came with Christ, and from the beginning, it was a City under siege. The King was tempted and hated, despised, and finally crucified. And He assures us ... More >>>

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