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Witness of the Old Testament - by Michael Phillips
Doctrine of Hell - Part 1
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Genesis 2:17,3:24
Jul 22, 2018 pm - Today, as the Lord provides, I hope to begin an afternoon study of the Doctrine of Hell. I call it the Doctrine of Hell, because I don't know what else to call it, but let's be sure of one thing from the start: Hell is not only a doctrine! It is a reality. Some years ago, a Roman Catholic author was asked why he always capitalized 'Hell' in his books, and he replied- Because it's a real place; like Scranton! The cleverness of his answer makes me smile, but not its content. To know that there really is a Hell, that a great many people will be sent there someday-and that I could be one of them!-is no pleasant Sunday afternoon meditation. It is not pleasant to think about Hell, but it is necessary. Necessary to the unbeliever, first of all, who must- Flee from the wrath to come. .or be overtaken by it. Also necessary to the believer-in-Christ, for we will never appreciate our Savior until we appreciate what He saves us from. Nor will we ever evangelize the world until what awaits them, if we don't, truly sinks in. No sane man likes thinking about Hell, and no decent pastor enjoys preaching it, but both must be done, and while a slap in the face is never pleasant, it can be good for ... More >>>

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