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Witness of the Gospels - by Michael Phillips
Doctrine of Hell - Part 2
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Matthew 10:28
Jul 29, 2018 pm - Today, we come to part two in our afternoon study of the Doctrine of Hell. Last time, we surveyed the Witness of the Old Testament, and found it rather murky. It does not clearly teach what we think of as Hell, lays the groundwork for the Doctrine, and hints at some of the details. This is why the Apostles, who firmly believed every word of the Old Testament, found no contradiction between what it suggested and what our Lord spelled out. This, then, is our topic for now: The New Testament Witness to Hell. Is the Traditional Doctrine of Hell really taught in the New Testament? It is awfully hard to read the Epistles of Paul, Peter, and Jude and think it isn't. And, this goes double for Revelation! Now, if these Apostles all believed in Hell, you have to wonder why. Were they hateful men, who relished the thought of 'the bad guys' roasting forever in Eternal Fire? Their love for people was not perfect, of course, but you can't find anything in their lives to make you think they were what the Romans called them (and the whole Early Church)- Enemies of mankind. Except for our Lord Jesus, no man was treated more shabbily by his own people than Paul. But did his battles with the ... More >>>

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