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Two Stories, One True - by Michael Phillips
Study in Matthew - Part 105
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Matthew 28:11-15
Apr 08, 2018 am - In the first part of Chapter 28, Matthew gives two answers to the question, 'What happened to the dead body of Jesus?' That He had died was not disputed. Some time, after three o'clock on Friday afternoon, Jesus had yielded up His spirit to the satisfaction of the many eyewitnesses who were there, Jewish and Gentile, friend and foe. Perhaps as a final insult, a Roman soldier then ran a spear through His side, from which water and blood poured out. Later, Christians would see the fluids symbolically, but at the time, nobody thought they were symbols. They were real blood and water, just what you'd expect to come out of a freshly dead body. When it came to Him dying, there was only one story: He had. There was also do debate on where His remains were placed. The Rulers assumed He'd be buried, perhaps in a mass grave, in the Potter's Field, the place where 'the unclean' were disposed of-and no one was more 'unclean' that Jesus who had died under the curse of God, as it is written- Cursed is every man who is hanged on a tree. This is what the Jewish authorities must have expected, but it's not what happened. One of their own people-Joseph of Arimathaea-quickly secured the remains from ... More >>>

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