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Resistance is Futile! - by Michael Phillips
Study in Matthew - Part 103
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Matthew 27:62-66
Mar 04, 2018 am - If Eutychus was the first man to fall asleep in church, he was certainly not the last. Even the most dynamic pastor, preaching the most riveting sermon, at maximum volume, has seen people fall asleep in church. This has happened to me many times, including that Wednesday night service, many years ago, when a brother, sitting in the front row to my left, not only dozed off in the middle of my sermon, but started snoring! Had he done this to Jack Hyles, that infamous preacher would have screamed at him to wake up and then lectured him on the evils of despising the Word of God. I didn't do that, of course, because I remembered a line somewhere in Spurgeon's Lectures to My Students that If a man needs a nap more than a sermon, let him have one, for the Psalm says the Lord- Gives His beloved sleep. So, allowing for the possibility that you're sleepy this morning and won't make it through the whole sermon, I'll tell you what it's about right now: Resistance is Futile. You can deny the Resurrection of Christ, ignore it, call it fairy tale, or laugh at Christians for believing it really happened.but you cannot undo it. Nor can you undo its effects. The Rulers of Israel tried to prevent it ... More >>>

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