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The Way Things Should Be - by Michael Phillips
Study in Matthew - Part 104
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Matthew 28:1-10
Mar 11, 2018 am - I'll forget the day, almost twenty years ago. My son and I were in the kitchen, and I got really, really mad at him. I don't remember what he did that day, but I remember ranting and raving and acting like a complete fool, when, another son came in and- Daddy, don't talk to him that way! Wheeling on him with the same rage I felt toward the other, I snarled- You can't tell me what to do. To which he replied- Daddy, I'm not telling you what to do. I'm telling you what you should do! In almost thirty years of being a father, I have never felt more ashamed of myself-and proud of my son-than I did that day. My words that day-and my life every other day-are not what they should be. What's true of me is also true of you, and of the whole world. Things are not the way they should be. Everyone knows this and many have promised to set things right. Some of the promises are sincere, others are self-seeking, but whatever the motive, nobody has done it. Most have left things more or less the same; others have made them far worse; but even the best people with the best motives and the best plans have-at best-made minor and temporary improvements on the margin. The world is not the way it's ... More >>>

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