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God's Irony - by Michael Phillips
Study in Matthew - Part 99
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Matthew 27:32-44
Jan 28, 2018 am - I spent a good deal of time this week trying to figure out the dullest way to begin a sermon-and I think I found it. The dullest way to begin a sermon is by.reading from the dictionary! We all know dictionaries are useful, but exciting? Nobody feels that way about them. I'll still do that today, however, because our New Testament Lesson turns on the exact meaning of one word: Irony. The Oxford English Dictionary gives three meanings for that word, the third of which is this: A literary technique, originally used in Greek Tragedy, by which the full significance of a character's words or actions is clear to the audience or readers although unknown to the character. This is what I mean by 'irony', and if you didn't track with the definition, you'll know what I mean by a couple of examples. The first comes from the movies. Just the other day, I watched Alfred Hitchcock's ROPE, a movie that begins with concert pianist, Phillip Morgan, strangling his friend, David Kently to death. Later, the dead man's aunt offers to read Phillip's palms, and says, 'These hands will bring you great fame'. She means that he'll become a famous musician. But we know that the fame his hands will soon bring ... More >>>

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