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Real Life After Death - by Michael Phillips
Study in Matthew - Part 80
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Matthew 22:23-33
Aug 06, 2017 am - When it comes to Life After Death, almost everyone you know believes in one of three things: (a) Materialism, (b) Platonism, or (c) the Resurrection. People who subscribe to one of the three differ from each other in minor ways, but when it comes to the Big Picture, there is real agreement. Materialism teaches there is no life after death. When you're dead, you dead, in body and soul forever. Most Americans believe this, I think, except at funerals, when love and fear force them to hope for something better. What most of them think is better is what Plato believed. The Pagan philosopher very much believed in life after death, a life he envisioned as outside the body, or better yet, freed from the prison house of the body. To his way of thinking, material things were crude images of the immaterial forms that lay behind them. To be saved, therefore, one had to get away from the material world (including the body) and go to the Spiritual World, which is something like floating on a cloud forever. If Christian funerals are any gauge, most believers I know subscribe to this view, though sprinkled with Bible words here and there. The third view is Resurrection, or to be more precise, ... More >>>

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