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With You Always - by Michael Phillips
Study in Matthew - Part 91
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Matthew 26:31-35
Nov 12, 2017 am - There is nothing I disapprove of more than speculating about the End Times. But I am also thankful that I grew up in a church that did a lot of it! Most of what my dear pastors said about the End times was wrong, but in saying all these wrong things, they set a boy's imagination on fire. The two images I remember best are the Locusts released from the Bottomless Pit and-more vividly-Ezekiel's Wheel Within a Wheel. The former, I was told, were probably attack helicopters; the latter, a flying saucer! This is what I learned way back when, and while I no longer accept the interpretations, I'm glad my pastors got me to thinking about Bible images. No one can read the Bible without being struck by how often images are used, and how seldom they're explained, because the prophets assumed everyone readings their books knew what they were getting at. Of course, we don't always know that they were getting at, but, for the most part, we can know-and without a seminary degree or a special anointing of the Holy Spirit. The Bible was written for the common man, and so, ordinary people are meant to understand its images and take them to heart. Including the images used in Ezekiel, chapters 11 ... More >>>

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