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What God Requires and Provides - by Michael Phillips
Study in Matthew - Part 81
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Matthew 22:34-40
Aug 13, 2017 am - I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of Matthew 22! I'm tired of phony people trying catch our Lord in His words, and to justify their rejection of Him. Jesus has identified Himself as the Messiah, and everything He has done has supported the claim, from His impeccable life to His faithful teaching, to His miracles of unmistakable power and grace. Jesus is the Messiah-the Savior King of Israel-and of the whole world! But the people in this chapter just can't see it-or rather, won't see it! This explains the trick questions they've put to Him, starting with v.15 and continuing to today's New Testament Lesson, vv.34-40. First, the Pharisees and Herodians ask Him about paying taxes to a wicked government, a potato as hot then as it is now. Then come the Sadducees, making Him defend the Resurrection, a doctrine no reasonable man could ever believe. When the three parties had failed to make Jesus look bad, they rolled out 'the big guns', the same kind of person we'd see on the Sunday morning talk shows, a highly educated man drilled in the fine art of debate. And with an agenda. THE QUESTIONER My Bible calls him- A lawyer, But he's not an attorney. We would call him a ... More >>>

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