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The Blessings - by Michael Phillips
Personal Evangelism - Part 5 of 5
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Acts 4:20
Nov 05, 2017 pm - With the Lord's blessing, today we will complete our Sunday afternoon study of Personal Evangelism. I have tried to lay out the basics of witnessing, from (1) who should be doing it to (2) what it is we're doing to (3) some of the difficulties in doing it, to (4) how to do it. Now, we'll finish with the Blessings of Personal Evangelism. Let's be clear on this one: Personal Evangelism will not always be pleasant or 'successful'. Not everyone will appreciate your efforts, and some of them will resent and abuse you for them. But, whatever their reaction, blessings will follow from Personal Evangelism, some in this life, many more in the Life to Come. We have God's Word on it, Psalm 19:11, for example- In keeping of them there is great reward. BLESSINGS ON THE WITNESS Some of the blessings will come to you as you speak up for Christ, and here, I don't mean 'you'll feel good about yourself', though you probably will, and there's nothing wrong with this. What I mean is, Witnessing will cause you to grow in grace. It is a sanctifying activity. Much can be said here, and I'll say just a little. Witnessing sanctifies you because it allows you to have a good conscience. Primarily, a good ... More >>>

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