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Manner - by Michael Phillips
Personal Evangelism - Part 4 of 5
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Acts 4:20
Oct 22, 2017 pm - For the last few Sunday afternoons, we have been reflecting on the duty and privilege of Personal Evangelism. Is it your duty to witness for Christ? If you're a disciple of Christ, it is-even if you're not smart, quick-witted, or naturally outgoing. Personal Evangelism is every believer's duty. It is also our privilege. If He wanted to, the Lord could do the work all by Himself; He could directly confront sinners and bring them to faith, as He did in the conversion of Paul. He has not chosen to do this. He could also send angels to deliver His message, as He did at the birth of Samson and John the Baptist. He has not chosen to do this either. Finally, He could do the work through extraordinary men and women, people of great faith, iron wills, and no fear of man. But He has not chosen to do this either. What the Lord has chosen to do is to call and use people like you and me to the work of Personal Evangelism. He has called scared people, shy people, ignorant people, slow-witted people to do this work. Why them and not people better suited to Evangelism? 1 Corinthians 1:29 tells us why, so that- No flesh should glory in His presence. Soul-winning is never because of us, but in ... More >>>

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