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From the Head Down - by Michael Phillips
Study in Matthew - Part 83
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Matthew 23:1-12
Sep 10, 2017 am - The fish rots from the head down. This proverb is not in the Bible, but it very much agrees with what the Bible teaches. If you read Kings and Chronicles, for instance, you'll see that the spiritual state of the nations depends almost entirely on the character of the king. If he did what was right in the sight of the Lord, so did the people. If he didn't, neither did they. This explains the state Israel was in in the middle of the 1st Century AD. No Jewish king had reigned for a very long time, but Israel had leaders, men who sat in the seat of Moses, and claimed to rule in the Name of God and for the welfare of His people. Who were these leaders? Some of them were Sadducees, but they're not mentioned here. The ones who are, are- The scribes and Pharisees. A scribe was a theologian, a man who spent his life studying the Law of God and the best commentaries on it. one in Israel was more respected than he. The Pharisees were not quite scholars, but they were well-informed laymen. Put in today's terms, scribes were professors of theology; Pharisees were Sunday School teachers. Since the Jews were a synagogue-going people, almost everyone was under the influence of the scribes and ... More >>>

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