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No Shadow of Turning - by Michael Phillips
Study in Matthew - Part 84
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Matthew 23:12-39
Sep 17, 2017 am - Picture two Christian men. One is a red-faced preacher thundering against sin from the pulpit. He tells you who is guilty of the sin, what sin they're guilty of, and that they're sure to split Hell wide open. Some people agree with him; others disagree; but everyone wishes he'd tone it down. The other man is a drug counselor. Most of the people he works with have squandered their lives, ruined their families, committed crimes, and broken every promise they ever made. For all their failings, however, the drug counselor accepts them the way they are, and keeps working with them no matter how many times they disappoint him. Have you got the two men in mind? Now, put them together-remove their every fault, complete their every virtue, and what you end up with is.Our Lord Jesus Christ. Don't misunderstand me: He does not fall in-between the two men, He combines and perfects them! Like the Bible-thumping preacher, He hates sin with a hatred beyond anything you have ever felt. Think of the thing you hate most in the world: Racism, human-trafficking, child pornography, global warming. Now multiply your hatred by Infinity and you get some idea of how much our Lord Jesus Christ hates ... More >>>

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