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Problem Solved - by Michael Phillips
Study in Matthew - Part 87
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Matthew 26:1-5
Oct 08, 2017 am - If you do much witnessing, it won't be long until someone brings up The Problem of Evil. You've told the person that God is both Almighty and All Good. If this is true-he reasons-how come there is so much evil in the world? If God were Almighty, He could prevent it, and if He were All Good, He would prevent it. But since He hasn't prevented it, God is either not Almighty or not All Good, or-as many say-'not there at all'. Some people present Evil as an intellectual problem, and are sure to cite the Holocaust, slavery, and other horrors as proof against the goodness, the power, or the existence of God. This form of the argument is fairly easy to answer, and you ought to answer it. Others make it more personal-'If God is all you say He is, why did my baby die?' On a theoretical level, this problem is the same as the other, but it has to be met, first with compassion and tears. And only then with a firm, but tender and patient answer. God save us from the people who care more about faulty logic than they do about broken hearts! If you read the Gospels, you'll see our Lord more often answering the man than answering the question. We should do well to follow His example. Today's New ... More >>>

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