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The Christian Duty - by Michael Phillips
Joy - Part 2
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Philippians 4:4
Jul 23, 2017 pm - Possibility, Duty, Witness Today we come to the second part in our study of Christian Joy. I call it a 'study' because that's what we do on Sunday afternoons, but I hope that's not all it is. I want it to be an exhortation, an encouragement-a summons, even-to find and keep and improve your joy in God. What is Joy? Pastors are always quick to tell us that it's not a feeling. By which they really mean 'it is not only a feeling'. Of course, Joy is a feeling, a feeling that made Mary burst into song or the formerly crippled man to leap or the old men at the rebuilding of the Temple break down and cry. Joy is a feeling and a mindset of happiness and relief, comfort, hope, and you know the rest. This is what Joy is. It's Sarah's laughter when God gave her the promised son; it's Paul contentment as a prisoner in Rome. Does the Bible teach, promise, even command Joy? Sure it does; many verses can be cited to that effect-Philippians 4:4, for example. But Joy doesn't depend on a verse here, a Psalm there, and so on, but is an overarching theme in the Bible. The Bible starts with a Joyful God creating a Joyful world, with a Joyful couple in charge of it. When the couple sin, they lose their ... More >>>

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