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Accepting The Invitation - by Michael Phillips
Study in Matthew - Part 78
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Matthew 22:1-14
Jul 23, 2017 am - When it comes to preaching or defending the Reformed Faith, no verse is used more often, or more effectively than the last verse of our New Testament Lesson, Matthew 22:14-- For many are called, but few are chosen. The verse supports two doctrines that are precious to everyone who believes in the Sovereignty of God in Salvation: Unconditional Election and the Effectual Call. The former means it is God who chooses which sinners to save and that His choice does not depend on anything in the sinner, either actual or foreseen. In other words, God does not choose to save sinners He knows will repent and believe, but that sinners only repent and believe because He has chosen them for salvation. The latter means that while God calls a great many people by His Gospel, the only ones who respond to this public call are those who have also received a Private Call, an almighty work of God in their hearts, enabling them to repent and believe in Christ. Are the two doctrines true? I believe they are, and in general, they are supported by the verse I quoted just a moment ago. But if you read the Parable closely, you'll see that it's not primarily about either of these doctrines. In fact, it's ... More >>>

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