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The Curse of the Law - by Michael Phillips
Study in Matthew - Part 77
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Matthew 21:18-46
Jul 09, 2017 am - No one understood the Law of Moses more than our Lord Jesus Christ. As the truly Blessed Man of Psalm 1, He meditated on [that] Law day and night, and came to appreciate its truth, goodness, and beauty as no one ever has or will. However sincere others are in their love for the Law, the 40th Psalm was written with Jesus in mind- I delight to do you will; Yes, your Law is within my Heart. The Man who understood the glories of the Law, also understood it limitations. By 'limitations' I don't mean there's something wrong with the Law, that or it's untrue in places, or ugly, or bad. Going as far back as the arch heretic Marcion, people have often said the Law is unworthy of God: Jesus is not among these people! Like His ancestors, He- Rejoices in [God's] Word as one who finds great spoil. For all His love of the Law, He knew that it was a temporary measure and limited in what it could do. This belief put Him in the minority of devout men in Israel at the time who were sure the Law was permanent and that there was nothing it couldn't do. This is why they clung so tenaciously to the Temple, the priesthood, the Sabbath, and the purity code with its various and sundry baths, hand-and-dish ... More >>>

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