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What Royalty Looks Like - by Michael Phillips
Study in Mark - Part 32
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Mark 15:16-39
Nov 15, 2009 am - Near the end of our Lord's life, James and John came to Him asking for a favor. They knew He would be King some day, and when He was, would He seat them at His right and left hands? These were places of great honor, of course, but honor was not what they wanted most. What they wanted was power. Could they have it? No they could not-Jesus said-because it was not His to give, and more to the point, because they didn't know what to do with it. Had He given them the power they wanted, the Kingdom of God would have become an Empire of Man, drowning in blood, as Rome was at the time, and before it, Greece, Persia, and Babylon. Gentile kings were self-serving men; instead of living for the people, they lived off the people. This was a serious problem in their day, and it still is. What's the solution? We've got to turn things around: Instead of Romans cracking Jewish heads, the Jews have got to crack Roman heads! This is how James and John were thinking. And this is why the power they wanted so badly could not be given to them. God's Kingdom is not self-serving; it's self-giving. Instead of shedding the blood of His enemies to save Himself, the King will shed His own blood to save His ... More >>>

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