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All is Vanity...Under the Sun - by Michael Phillips
Ecclesiastes - Sermon 1
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All is Vanity.Under the Sun Face reality. This was the creed my father lived and died by. On the afternoon of December 30th of last year, orderlies came into his hospital room to cart him off for an MRI. By that time, he was very weak and it was hard to lift him out of bed. When they did though, ... More >>>
7/31/2011 am
Subject: Vanity
Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

Voice of Experience, The Voice of Experience - by Michael Phillips
Ecclesiastes - Sermon 2
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The Voice of Experience Thirty-five years ago, friends invited me to my first Christian concert. I don't remember who the opening acts were that night, but the headliner was Phil Keaggy. The man was a first-rate guitar player, and a pretty good singer, but his songwriting and presentation were a ... More >>>
8/7/2011 am
Subject: Vanity
Ecclesiastes 1:12-2:26

Why Things are the Way They Are - by Michael Phillips
Ecclesiastes - Sermon 3
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Several years ago, I heard a speech by Francis X. Kelly, then Commandant of the United States Marine Corps. Responding to critics who said the military caused war, and that-if we spent less on men and arms and more on diplomacy and foreign aid-the world would be safer, General Kelly said- You're ... More >>>
8/14/2011 am
Subject: Time
Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

What to Do Till Jesus Comes - by Michael Phillips
Ecclesiastes - Sermon 4
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Other than the Bible itself, there is nothing I have studied with more pleasure and profit than Church History. To me, the story of the Church is wonderful for two reasons: It proves that God loves His Church and is faithful to His promises. If He didn't and wasn't, there would be no Church; the ... More >>>
8/21/2011 am
Subject: Rejoice
Ecclesiastes 3:16-4:6

Working Together - by Michael Phillips
Ecclesiastes - Sermon 5
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Have you seen The Rise of the Planet of the Apes? It's a pre-quel to The Planet of the Apes, and explains how the monkeys took over the world and made us their slaves. They did it by working together. Caesar was a very intelligent ape, but had he gone it alone, he would have ended up in a circus. ... More >>>
9/4/2011 am
Subject: Fellowship
Ecclesiastes 4:7-16

Baxter on Public Worship - by Michael Phillips
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My talk this afternoon is called Richard Baxter on Public Worship. Baxter was an English pastor who lived from 1615 to 1691. His theology is not always sound, but his practical works are Puritan counseling at its best. This chapter is found in his Christian Directory, pp.616ff. Being a good ... More >>>
1/1/1988 am
Subject: Worship
Ecclesiastes 5:1

With Reverence and Awe - by Michael Phillips
Ecclesiastes - Sermon 6
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If you ever get the chance to attend a Quaker wedding, I hope you take it. Their weddings are very different than what we're used to, and the differences are not accidental. They are deeply rooted in theology. Most weddings are wordy affairs. Nobody outside of Las Vegas can tie the knot quicker ... More >>>
9/11/2011 am
Subject: Reverence
Ecclesiastes 5:1-7

The Root of All Evil - by Michael Phillips
Ecclesiastes - Sermon 7
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I don't watch a lot of news on TV, but when I do, I try to avoid two channels: MSNBC and FOX. The former is slanted sharply to the left; the latter leans just as far to the right. One is a spokesman for liberal Democrats; the other is a mouthpiece of conservative Republicans. The problem I have ... More >>>
10/2/2011 am
Subject: Money
Ecclesiastes 5:8-6:9

Who Knows What We Need - by Michael Phillips
Ecclesiastes - Sermon 8
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Bill Hybels is one of the best known pastors in the United States. In 1975, he founded Willow Creek Church with 125 in attendance. Today, the church has more than 25,000 members, with spin-off churches all over the country, and the world. If you have seen the man or heard him speak, you know some ... More >>>
10/9/2011 am
Subject: Sovereign
Ecclesiastes 6:10-7:14

Parties and Funerals - by Michael Phillips
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If you had the choice, would you rather go to a party or a funeral? The question is rhetorical, of course, because I know the answer: you'd rather go to a party. I feel the same way, and so does everyone else. Parties are fun; they often celebrate happy events, the people you meet there are likely ... More >>>
9/7/2014 am
Subject: Funerals
Ecclesiastes 7:1-6

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