Ministries of Grace Baptist

Grace Baptist supports several, mainly foreign, missions.

Online Sermons
You can listen to and download sermons from Grace Baptist in both WMA and MP3.
Our most popular sermons are hosted by Sermon Audio. If you would like a more complete archive, you can find it in the sermons section of this web site. The archive is searchable and you can read, download and printout the sermon notes.

Grace To Russia
Grace to Russia is a ministry of Grace Baptist Church of Fremont California. Founded in the early 1990's, its mission remains the same: To identify, translate, publish, and distribute (without charge) the best Christian books to the pastors and teachers of the former Soviet Union.  More than forty titles have come off the presses, including works by Jonathan Edwards, C.H. Spurgeon, William Hendricksen, D.A. Carson, and Walter Chantry.  As of the summer of 2005, we are concentrating our efforts on providing commentaries in Russian.  Our current big project is Spurgeon's great Treasury of David.
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Grace To China
Grace To China is a ministry very similar to Grace To Russia. It was started by Grace Baptist Church but in now administered by Faith Community Church in WoodStock, Georgia. In China the goverment opposition is even greater than in Russia.

Spanish Radio and TV Mission
José and Rosalia Gándara are native Cubans now living near Orlando, Florida. Every year they make mission trips back to their homeland bringing Bibles, books, and audio tapes to the churches in Cuba. Jose also broadcasts Bible lessons, sermons, and Christian music into Latin America by way of short-wave radio. He and his wife are also eager to do personal work with the large Hispanic community in Florida.
Web Site: (Web site is in Spanish)

To Every Tribe Ministries
To Every Tribe Ministries exists to glorify God by planting evangelical Christian churches in the interior, unevangelized regions of Papua New Guinea and Mexico. To Every Tribe Ministry is led by David Sitton, a longtime resident missionary in Papua, New Guineal, and now living in Texas with frequent trips back to his former mission field and also to the remote mountain peoples of Mexico. They will encourage people to go with them on their missionary visits, see their website.
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The Montgomerys
Steve and Eugenia Montgomery are veteran missionaries now living in Lousiana where Steve is pastor of a small church. Steve was called to the ministry while serving in the US Navy during World War II, and the people God called him to reach were the Japanese he was then fighting. After several years in Japan, he and his wife moved to Brazil to minister among the large Japanese community in that country. Over time, they branched out to other ministries, and have planted several churches in Brazil. Because of age and health concerns they moved back to the States a few years ago.

The Leightons
Matt and Nuria Leighton are missionaries in Barcelona, Spain.  Matt with his colleague, Steve Phillips, are pastoring an Evangelical church just outside the city and working hard to promote theological education among the Spanish churches and pastors.  While Steve is doing most of the pastoral work, Matt is chiefly involved with Christian education.

Chinese Sermon Ministry
A web ministry that translates some of Michael Phillips sermons into Chinese.
Web Site: (Web site is in Chinese Simplified)

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